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Ordeal by Innocence is a 2014 BBC radio adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel. Director: Mary Peate. Adapted by Joy Wilkinson.

Episode 1

Doctor Calgary comes to visit the Argyle family with good news. He tells the family he is there to clear the name of Jacko, who was convicted of the murder of his mother. But his information is not greeted with the enthusiasm he expects.

Episode 2

Dr. Calgary joins forces with Inspector Huish to try to find out the truth about Rachel Argyle's murder. But the family is still resisting his investigation.

Episode 3

Now Philip has been found dead, most of the family members now believe that Dr. Calgary was right when he said that their late mother's killer is still amongst them and everyone is on their guard.


  • Mark Umbers as Calgary
  • Jacqueline Defferary as Gwenda
  • Wanda Opalinska as Kirsten
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Hester
  • Arthur Hughes as Jacko
  • Sean Murray as Leo
  • Joel MacCormack as Micky
  • Carys Eleri as Tina
  • John Norton as Phillip
  • Priyanga Burford as Mary
  • David Seddon as Marshall
  • Michael Bertenshaw as Huish
  • Georgie Fuller as Maureen
  • Harry Jardine as Doctor
  • Georgie Fuller as Hotel Receptionist
  • Arthur Hughes as Constable

Type of adaptation

Although most sources (including BBC Radio) confirm that this adaptation is a radio adaptation, there is an IMDB entry for it claiming it to be a television adaptation.