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Ordeal by Innocence is the second episode of the third series of Agatha Christie's Marple. It was broadcast on ITV by Granada Television on 30 September 2007. The screenplay was written by Stewart Harcourt and the episode was directed by Moira Armstrong. It was an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel of the same name although originally Miss Marple was not involved.


Miss Marple is invited to the wedding of a friend, but the gaieties are interrupted when a stranger arrives; he provides the missing evidence which proves that the black sheep of the family, Jacko, was wrongfully hanged for murder. This raises the question of who in the household did kill the cold-hearted mistress of the house two years previously. As usual, Miss Marple is needed to uncover the hatred, jealousy, lust etc. behind the family's facade and sort out the threads of the mystery.

Comparison with the original story

  • The novel, which the episode is adapted from, does not feature Miss Marple.
  • The character Bobby Argyle was created for the adaptation.


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