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In the novel Hallowe'en Party, Olga Seminoff was an au pair from Herzegovina. She worked for Mrs Llewellyn-Smythe at Quarry House in Woodleigh Common. When her employer died some years before the events in the book, a codicil to her will came to light which left everything to Olga. This document was however clumsily made and obviously a fake. Mrs Llewellyn-Smythe's solicitors wanted to question her but she disappeared from the scene and was not heard of again. This also led to speculation that Olga might have poisoned her mistress although the prevailing opinion was that she had died of natural causes.


In ITV's 2010 David Suchet adaptation, Olga Seminoff is portrayed by Vera Graziadei (credited as Vera Filatova). Here her role is much the same as laid out in the original novel.

In Meurtre à la kermesse the 2012 French adaptation for the TV series Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie, the parallel character is Olga Semirov. Although the actress has some speaking parts and scripted actions, she is not credited. Here, the reason for her death is slightly different. A lover of Xavier Tremens caught him kissing Olga and pushes her in a jealous fit, causing Olga to fall and hit her head with fatal results. Her death here is thus portrayed as an accident. In this adaptation, Olga also had a friend Svetlana Navratil, who like her, also came from Czechoslovakia. Svetlana was the one who told the police that Olga had gone missing from two weeks before the events in the episode. A significant plot element is that Svetlana brought along a photo of Olga. Marlene notices that Olga had a hairstyle resembling Mylène Demongeot, a famous actress. Marlene and Alice connect this with what Luisa Ortega had claimed, that the person she had seen murdered as a filmstar. Marlene and Alice thus speculate that Luisa might have seen Olga.