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Old Hall is an estate in St. Mary Mead. In The Murder at the Vicarage, it was the home of Colonel Protheroe, his second wife Anne and daughter Lettice. The estate has two entrances with lodges: North Lodge and South Lodge.

Domestic staff (The Murder at the Vicarage)

After The Murder at the Vicarage

At a later point the Victorian building was made into four separate flats and is featured in The Case of the Perfect Maid. One of the flats was occupied by an eccentric old lady, Mrs Carmichael, and her maid Janet. Another of the flats was rented by a retired Indian judge and his wife, Mr and Mrs Larkin. In the third flat lived a newly wed couple, Mr and Mrs Devereux. The fourth flat was inhabited by the sisters Lavinia and Emily Skinner. Their maid Gladys is the cousin of Miss Marple’s maid Edna.