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In the novel Dumb Witness, Nurse Carruthers is a nurse in Market Basing. She took care of Emily Arundell, during her final days.

Nurse Carruthers is described as being a "sensible-looking, middle-aged woman". She is also described as having a "comfortable plumpness".

When Poirot asks Nurse Carruthers about Miss Arundell, she says that Miss Arundell was stroong willed, but was not difficult. However, she did not care for Miss Arundell long, as she died on the fourth day. Nurse Carruthers also mentions an incident where Miss Arundell asked Wilhelmina Lawson for something, which Nurse Carruthers thought might have been a will.

Nurse Carruthers tells Poirot that Miss Lawson did not take part in the nursing, as she was too fussy and only irritated Miss Arundell. Nurse Carruthers had not formed a high opinion of Miss Lawson, but she did mention that Miss Lawson seemed more upset than the relatives were, when Miss Arundell died.

Nurse Carruthers is fond of dogs, and tells Poirot that Miss Arundell talked a lot about Bob when she was delirious, mentioning his ball and a fall she had had.