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In the novel Hallowe'en Party, Nicholas Ransom is an eighteen-year-old youth. He and his friend Desmond Holland helped at the Halloween party organised by Rowena Drake at Apple Trees.

They were present at the preparations in the afternoon where they spent their time climbing ladders and hanging up decorations as well as doing whatever electrical works that were needed. They were however not in the drawing room where most of the helpers were doing the preparations, as a result they were not present and did not hear at first hand Joyce Reynolds claiming that she had seen a murder. At that time they were in a different room setting up a party game where girls could look into a mirror and see an image of their future husbands--an effect achieved with photographs of themselves disguised variously, and with an atmosphere provided by photgraphic flashlights. During the party itself they manning their game stall which was apparently very successful and well-received.

After the murder of Joyce Reynolds, many villagers went with the theory that the crime had been committed by some psychotic youths and Nicholas and Desmond become the natural suspects. Poirot however, keeps an open mind during his innterview with them and prefers to listen to their account of events and also their take on the various villagers.

Poirot comes to the conclusion that they are fundamentally honest people who can be trusted. He also tests this opinion with Miss Emlyn, the village school principal. The two youths themselves had commended her to Poirot--"not much that goes on in her school which she doesn't know". Miss Emlyn agrees with Poirot's judgment that they are thoroughly trustworthy. They are foolish but only in "the ephemeral things of life". But otherwise they are"[s]ound as an apple without maggots in it."

Poirot later assigns the two to act as secret bodyguards to Miranda Butler who he believes to be an important witness and who he fears could be in danger.

Nicholas and Desmond both attend Medchester Technical. They commute to the college daily and come back to the village where they lodge with one Mrs Brand.

Nicholas, the older of the two friends, wears his hair long, with side burns and a taste for black as his colour of choice for modern fashion. Poirot observes that he, like Desmond, both appear to spend a lot of money on clothes, which were certainly not purchased locally and which had probably been paid for by themselves rather than by their parents or guardians.