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In the novel Murder is Easy, Mrs Pierce was the mother of the late Tommy Pierce. She has a tobacco and paper shop in Wychwood under Ashe. Tommy was one among eight children she had, of whom six were still living. Emma Jane was another of her children who had since died.


Murder is Easy (1982 film)[]

In the 1982 film adaptation, Mrs Pierce is portrayed by Carol MacReady. Here she is still the mother of the late Tommy Pierce but does not run a tobacco and paper shop. She works as a bartender of the village pub owned by the late Harry Carter. The name of the pub, a free house, is probably not the Seven Stars. A sign outside appears to read "The Witch's Head". The name of the inn is also mentioned by village constable John Reed.

In keeping with her role in the original novel, Mrs Pierce also supplies Luke with some local gossip. She talks about Mr Abbot womanising with Amy Gibbs. She also tells Luke that Amy was the one who took Bridget Conway's fiance Johnnie from her. Apparently Tommy Pierce jeered at Bridget after this happened. This was probably part of a spin unique to this adaptation that built up Bridget as a plausible suspect.

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