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In the novella Murder in the Mews, Mrs Pierce was the "daily woman" of Barbara Allen and her friend Jane Plenderleith at their shared house at 14 Bardsley Gardens Mews. On the day after Barbara's death, she had come to the house late otherwise she, and not Jane, might have discovered the body.

According to Jane, Mrs Pierce would come in late about twice a week or sometimes not come in at all, usually because she had "come over queer" or else some relative was sick. On the day in question she said "her sister's Louisa Maud" (probably her sister's daughter) had had a fit. Mrs Pierce was described as a voluble woman, elderly and of ample proportions.


Mrs Pierce was played by Gabrielle Blunt in the film adaptation of the story which was episode 2 of series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series. There she told Poirot that her husband was thrilled to hear that he had come to the house because he had read all about him in the newspapers. She gave Poirot access to the house when he came alone to search for more evidence.

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