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In the novel At Bertram's Hotel, Mrs McCrae is Canon Pennyfather's housekeeper.

Mrs McCrae had ordered a Dover sole for the evening of the Canon's return, knowing that he was fond of Dover sole. She is also fond of Dover sole.

When Canon Pennyfather fails to return at the expected time, Mrs McCrae thinks it possible that he had written to her to tell her of a change of plans, but forgot to post the letter. She is not worried, as this sort of thing had happened before. She waits until eleven o'clock, but when no word from the Canon arrives, she locks up the house and goes to bed.

When there is still no word from the Canon the next morning, Mrs McCrae begins to be uneasy. The following day, when there is still no word, she telephones to Bertram's Hotel to make inquiries.

Miss Gorringe tells Mrs McCrae that Canon Pennyfather had been expected back from Lucerne on Friday or Saturday, and he had booked his room until Saturday. But he had not returned, and had not sent any word. The major part of his baggage was still at the hotel.

When Archdeacon Simmons arrives, Mrs McCrae asks for his help in finding the Canon.

After Canon Pennyfather is found and returns home, he is interviewed by Chief Inspector Davy and Inspector Campbell. Mrs McCrae hovers by the door, and when the Canon says that he is tired, she asks for the interview to end, saying that the doctor had said that the Canon was not to be worried. She shepherds them out "rather in the manner of a conscientious sheepdog".