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In the short story The Lamp, Mrs Lancaster (née Winburn) is a widow, with a young son. She takes a lease on an empty house that sits in a square of an old Cathedral town of Weyminster. An "eminently practical" woman, she does not believe in ghosts and is attracted to the house by the very low rent and intends to live there with her son Geoffrey and her father, Mr Winburn.

Mrs Lancaster is described as "tall with much dark brown hair just tinged with grey and rather cold blue eyes.


In the 1984 BBC World Service adaptation, the character was given the name Valerie Lancaster and was voiced by actress Judy Cornwell.


There is nothing that indicates that this Mrs Lancaster is the same Mrs Lancaster that appears in the novel By the Pricking of My Thumbs. First of all this Mrs Lancaster is actually named that, while the other in reality is named Julia Starke.