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Mrs Badger might be two different persons in St. Mary Mead, or the same person. The details in the stories differ rather much, but both are married to a chemist named Mr Badger.

Mrs Badger in The Herb of Death[]

In the short story The Herb of Death, Mrs Badger was the housekeeper of Mr Badger, the chemist in St. Mary Mead. She was very much younger than him, but after his death it turned out that they had been married for two years.

Mrs Badger in The Body in the Library[]

In the novel The Body in the Library, Mrs Badger was the wife of Mr Badger, the chemist in St. Mary Mead. She had an interest in spiritualism and was always going out to seances. When her husband told her that they had to look upon the young lady in the cosmetics section as a daughter and let her live with them she had enough. She found out that the girl was friendly with a very undesirable young man connected eith the racecourses, and had pawned the bracelet Mr Badger had given her, in order to give the money to this young man. Mr Badger was completely disgusted and the affair passed over. He bought his wife a diamond ring for Christmas.