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In the novel 4.50 from Paddington, Mr Wimborne is the Crackenthorpe's lawyer with offices in London. He is the senior partner of Wimborne, Henderson & Carstairs.

After a woman's body is discovered at Rutherford Hall, Mr Wimborne travels down from London to attend the inquest.

Mr Wimborne tells Inspector Craddock that Josiah Crackenthorpe left his considerable fortune in trust, with the income to be paid to his son, Luther Crackenthorpe, during his lifetime. After Luther's death, the capital is to be divided equally between Luther's children, Edmund, Cedric, Harold, Alfred, Emma, and Edith. As Edmund had been killed during the war, the money was to be divded between Cedric, Harold, Alfred, Emma, and Edith's son, Alexander Eastley. Cedric would inherit the house, as he was the eldest surviving son.

When Mr Wimborne finds out that Emma had received a letter form a woman claiming to have been married to Edmund and that she had a son with him, he says that if it could be proved that the boy was Edmund's son, born in wedlock, he would be entitled to his share of Josiah Crackenthorpe's fortune, and would inherit Rutherford Hall after Luther died.

Mr Wimborne also tells Inspector Craddock that Alfred Crackenthorpe is always in need of money, and that Harold is also hard up, even though he gives an appearance of financial prosperity.


In BBC's 1987 adaptation of 4.50 from Paddington, the part of Wimborne is played by Will Tacey. Here, he appears to be a solicitor with an office around the St. Mary Mead area. In this adaptation, one of the specific requirements of Josiah Crackenthorpe's will is that the beneficiaries are required to gather at Rutherford Hall yearly on the anniversary of his birthday to drink to his memory in order to remain entitled. Wimborne is responsible for attending this event to "ensure fairplay". As Wimborne is local to St Mary Mead, Miss Marple knows his mother and was present at his christening. Wimborne gave Miss Marple details of the will of Josiah Crackenthorpe's will rather than the police. One part of the will was confidential. He hinted at it by pretending to do a crossword and wanting a English word similar to the French word for "a peal of bells", a "tocsin". Later on, Miss Marple suggested to Chief Inspector Duckham that he should ask Wimborne what a "tontine" is.

In NHK's anime adaptation 4:50 from Paddington, the character of Wimborne plays largely the same role as in the original novel. He is based in London and reveals the details of the will to the police rather than to Miss Marple. The word "tontine" is not used but how the will works is described.