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In the short story The Million Dollar Bond Robbery, Mr Vavasour was one of two joint general managers of the London and Scottish Bank. He and his colleague Mr Shaw counted and packaged the Liberty bonds before sealing them and locking them in the portmanteau for Philip Ridgeway to carry to New York.


Mr Vavasour was played by Ewan Hooper in the television adaptation of The Million Dollar Bond Robbery' in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. He has a slightly more active role in the adaptation. After Mr Shaw was almost run down by a hit and run car, it was Mr Vavasour who called Poirot in to enhance the security of the bond shipment. Mr Vavasour was one of four people with a key to the portmanteau. When the bonds had been stolen, and Mr Vavsour could not find his key, the security officer of the bank Mr McNeil considered it a very serious matter and had him brought to Scotland Yard and locked up as a suspect in the case.

Mr Vavasour in the adaptation had very poor eyesight. This led Poirot to suspect that the bonds had been stolen in London and fakes were sent to New York. Mr Vavasour had loaded the bonds into the portmanteau and, given his poor vision, would not have noticed that they were fakes.

In the original story, Mr Vavasour was the uncle of Philip Ridgeway. This relationship was not mentioned in the adaptation.