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Mr Satterthwaite (christian names unknown) is an observer of life with an acute sensitivity to atmospheres, a keen eye for personalities and a gift for deduction. The last is catalysed by the presence and personality of his mysterious friend Mr. Harley Quin or 'Harlequin' allowing Mr. Satterthwaite to right or prevent wrongs.[1] He has also worked with the eminent Hercule Poirot.[2]

Mr. Satterthwaite is a bachelor - his only real romance ended abruptly when the lady confessed to him her passion for another man - well to do with no day job. He is a bit of snob, a connoisseur of the arts, and sentimental to the last degree with a special weakness for young lovers.

In Three Act Tragedy, Mr Satterthwaite is a guest at Sir Charles Cartwright's house party, where another guest dies suddenly. Sir Charles suspects that the man was murdered. When another man dies in similar circumstances, Mr Satterthwaite helps Sir Charles and Poirot investigate.


Very few stories featuring Mr Satterthwaite have been adapted. Those who have been, seldom feature the character.

Adaptations of works originally featuring Mr Satterthwaite


3. Dead Man's Mirror, Agatha Christie