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In the Miss Marple short story Ingots of Gold, Mr Kelvin is the landlord of the Three Anchors inn at Polperran in Cornwall.

Kelvin was described as a dark and swarthy man with curiously broad shoulders. His eyes were bloodshot and he "had a curiously furtive way of avoiding one's glances."

Kelvin was a diver in his younger days. he had also been to prison before. For the robber John Newman, this made Kelvin the ideal scapegoat to be framed for the theft of the gold bullion from the wreck of the Otranto.


Kelvin is depicted in the anime show Crime of the Gold Ingots, NHK's adaptation of Ingots of Gold. The portrayal is faithful to the original and the character has a large speaking part in the plot but the voice actor is not credited.