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In the short story The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim, Mr Davenheim was the senior partner of Davenheim & Salmon, a well-known firm of bankers and financiers. Davenheim had a country house called the Cedars at Chingside. He left his house one Saturday afternoon to post some letters in the village and was never seen again.

Challenged by Japp to investigate the mystery without leaving his house, Poirot deduced that Davenheim had been embezzling his own bank, converting the money to jewels and bearer bonds and then contrived to abscond while framing a business rival Mr Lowen as the person responsible for doing away with him.


Mr Davenheim was played by Kenneth Colley in the film adaptation of The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim in Series 2 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. There he was given the first name "Mathew".