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In the novel Nemesis, Mr Caspar is a foreign man travelling with the Famous Houses and Gardens tour.

Mr Caspar is tall and dark. His nationality is not specified, but he is described as speaking "a most peculiar English, making occasional remarks in French and German".

Mr Caspar says that he has been to Hastings and Eastbourne, and that it is nice there, by the sea. He also mentions that he likes flowers.

After the accident in which Miss Temple is injured, the tour group discusses how serious her injury is. Mr Caspar says that he overheard Mrs Sandbourne on the telephone with the doctor. He says that Miss Temple's condition is serious, as she has a bad concussion, and a special doctor is coming to look at her.

After this discussion, Mrs Riseley-Porter and Miss Lumley decide to sit in the lounge of the Golden Boar. Mr Caspar escorts them there "with the air of a foreign equerry".

After the death of Miss Temple, Mr Caspar decides not to continue with the tour, and departs by rail.