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In the novel At Bertram's Hotel, Mr Bollard is the owner of the jewellery shop on Bond Street, Bollard & Whitley, that Elvira Blake usually frequents. Elvira mentions that she always takes her watch there to have it mended, and that Mr Bollard has known her since she was six years old.

Mr Bollard is described as an "elderly man of sixty odd".

When Elvira needs money, she goes to see Mr Bollard, telling him that Colonel Luscombe suggested that she come to the shop and look at jewellery that she might like for a Christmas present. While Mr Bollard is distracted, Elvira slips a diamond and sapphire bracelet into her pocket. She later pawns the bracelet to get the money she needs.

Elvira later redeems the bracelet, and brings it back to Mr Bollard, saying that she must have slipped it into her pocket by mistake, and that she had just discovered it that morning. Mr Bollard says that they had discovered its loss, and thanks her for bringing it back so promptly. He tells her not to do it again, and laughs "with the air of one making a genial little joke".

After Elvira leaves, Mr Bollard tells one of his partners that he did not expect Elvira to bring the bracelet back. He considers it possible that Elvira's story was true, or that it couldbe a case of kleptomania. He considers it more likely that she took it on purpose, but finds it curious that she brought it back so soon. However, he concludes that they will probably never know the truth of it, and puts the bracelet back in its case.