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Mr Anstruther was a non-canonical character who was created for the film adaptation of The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. Anstruther was the station master of Ashby le Walken, one stop after Ashby Pickard. Anstruther reported that on the night of the murder of Harrington Pace, someone had stolen his bicycle. The thief wore a broad-brimmed hat and had a large fluffy beard, a description which matched the description of the murderer given by other witnesses.

Although Hastings and Japp did not take it seriously, Poirot considered finding the stolen bicycle a priority.

Anstruther also prepared blackberry tea, to help Poirot with his cold.

Anstruther is played by Arthur Whybrow. This character does not occur in the original story.