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In the short story The Dream, Mr Adams was a journalist. He was one of two members of the press who were due to interview Benedict Farley about his business affairs, a very rare opportunity which occurred perhaps once in five years. Together with his colleague Mr Stoddart, the two were waiting outside Farley's office for the interview. At about twenty past three and were still there at four, Farley spoke to them briefly, apologising and asking them to wait while he concluded some business.

At around four, Farley's secretary, Hugo Cornworthy found that the two journalists were still there and entered Farley's room to remind him. There he found Farley dead, shot through the head.

The two journalists had been outside Farley's door all the time. They were sure that from the time they last saw Farley alive to when his body was discovered, no one else had entered Farley's room.

Mr Adams was not featured in the film adaptation of The Dream in Series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series. There his was taken by Mr Tremlett and two workmen who were waiting to see Farley to discuss their plans to form a union.

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