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In the novel Murder is Easy, Mr Abbot is a solicitor living in Wychwood under Ashe.

Luke Fitzwilliam, who was investigating a series of mysterious deaths in the village noted that Abbot did not fit his image of a conventional type of lawyer. He was not thin, spare and tight-lipped. Rather, he was a big florid man, dressed in tweeds with "a hearty manner and a jovial effusiveness."

Luke was trying to narrow down the list of potential suspects in the series of mysterious deaths in the village and in this respect, Mr Abbot proved one of the more promising. He was linked to at least three of the deaths. Abbot was the former employer of Tommy Pierce--the boy had been fired because he had looked at some confidential papers in the office. Then Abbot had had a bitter argument with Dr Humbleby on a matter relating to the village water supply. Harry Carter, the innkeeper at the Seven Stars had come to Abbot's house in a drunken state shouting all kinds of abuse in foul language. Rumour had it that Abbot was involved with Carter's daughter Lucy.


Murder is Easy (1982 film)[]

In the 1982 film adaptation, Mr Abbot is portrayed by Anthony Valentine. Here his role is much smaller. He is considered a suspect. Luke inputs his name into his computer, stating that he is a womaniser. However this thread is not developed significantly. Abbot himself only appears in one scene where he, Thomas, Luke, Bridget and others are gathered to play tennis with Lord Easterfield and they talk about murder (along the lines of the conversation between Luke and Thomas in the original novel).

Agatha Christie's Marple[]

In the 2008 ITV adaptation, he is given the first name "James" and is portrayed by Hugo Speer. He has a totally different role and backstory here.

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