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In the short story Wasps' Nest, Molly Deane was the woman in a love triangle involving two men Claude Langton and John Harrison. Poirot intervenes before there is a killing among them. The barebones plot of the story gives very few details about Molly beyond the fact that Molly was engaged to John but had formerly been engaged to Claude. More recently, however, she had been getting closer to Claude again.


Molly Deane was played by Melanie Jessop in the film adaptation of Wasps' Nest in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series. Here the character is considerably embellished for dramatic purposes. Molly becomes a glamorous fashion model who has got her photo on the front page of Vogue. Her engagement to the philosopher John Harrison was described by the village chemist Mrs Henderson as a match "between Albert Einstein and Ginger Rogers".

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