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Miss Marple Tells a Story is a radio play created by Agatha Christie for the BBC in 1934 which was converted into a short story published in Home Journal in 1935. In 1939, it was collected and formed the sixth story in the anthology The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories.


Miss Marple is asked for help by an old friend of her solicitor, who is about to be indicted for his wife’s murder. She was stabbed to death in a hotel room but he swears that he is innocent. Can Miss Marple save him from the gallows?


Publication history

Miss Marple Tells a Story was specially commissioned by the BBC as a radio play and read by Christie herself. The twenty-minute broadcast took place on Friday, 11 May 1934 at 9.20pm on the National Programme.


  1. According to some internet resources, including Wikipedia, the story came out in Home Journal (Volume 3, Issue 64), 25 May 1935, under the title Behind Closed Doors, illustrated by Michael Bernard but this is not confirmed. Whatever Home Journal is, it is not the American monthly magazine Ladies' Home Journal. Given the volume and isse numbers, it does appear to be a weekly. There was a Home Journal, a British weekly launched in March 1934 by Amalgamated Press but details of it are extremely scanty. It appears to have merged with Woman's Pictorial in Sept 1935.
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