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Actress Irene Sutcliffe as Miss Gorringe

In the novel At Bertram's Hotel, Miss Gorringe works at the reception desk at Bertram's Hotel. She knows who every guest is, and never forgets a face. She is assisted at the reception desk by Alice.

Miss Gorringe is described as looking "frumpy but respectable". Her hair is frizzled and yellowish.

When Canon Pennyfather's housekeeper, Mrs McCrae, is looking for him, she speaks to Miss Gorringe on the telephone. Miss Gorringe tells her that the Canon had not returned from Lucerne on the day they had expected him, nor the day after, and the majority of his baggage was still at the hotel.

When Chief Inspector Davy and Inspector Campbell arrive at Bertram's Hotel to investigate the disappearance of Canon Pennyfather, Miss Gorringe receives them, and she and Mr Humfries answer their questions. Miss Gorringe is annoyed when Inspector Campbell suggests that the Canon might have left a telephone message that was not written down or passed on. Miss Gorringe states that telephone messages "are always taken down most carefully", and she cannot conceive it possible that a message would not have been passed to her, or the appropriate person on duty.

After Chief Inspector Davy and Inspector Campbell leave, Mr Humfries tells Miss Gorringe that she had better speak to Rose before the police question her.


In the 1987 Miss Marple adaptation she is portrayed by Irene Sutcliffe.