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In the novel Lord Edgware Dies, Miss Carroll was Lord Edgware's secretary, and had been working for him for five or six years, up to the time of his death. She was present at his home on the night of the murder, and claimed that Jane Wilkinson visited him. Miss Carroll at first said that she was standing on the first floor looking down, and had seen Jane's face distinctly. Although Poirot later proved that she could only have seen the back of the visitor's head, and not the face, Miss Carroll remained sure that it was Jane whom she had seen.

Miss Carroll is a middle-aged woman of about forty-five. She has fair hair, which is turning grey. She has blue eyes, and wears pince-nez. She is very efficient and businesslike. Arthur Hastings described her as "neatness and precision personified".

When Poirot asks Miss Carroll if Lord Edgware had any enemies, she expresses the opinion that such an idea is nonsense because, according to her, English people these days do not have enemies. She says that she has never heard of a murder happening to anyone in their class of life. Hastings imagines that Miss Carroll's idea is that murders are "only committed by drunken members of the lower classes".

Miss Carroll says that Lord Edgware was a difficult man to get on with, but she had never had any disagreements with him, and he had always found her "perfectly reliable".

When Poirot is speaking to Geraldine Marsh, he asks if she was fond of her father. This causes Geraldine to laugh hysterically. Miss Carroll comes in to calm her down, and her "determined manner" has its effect.

Miss Carroll tells Poirot that she does not believe in capital punishment. However, she believes that murderers must be caught, because society must be protected. She also expresses the opinion that all murderers are mentally deficient, and that this is something to do with internal gland secretion.

Miss Carroll later tells Poirot that Lord Edgware would have done much better not to marry. When Poirot asks if Lord Edgware had ever thought of getting married a third time, and asks her to think about whether there was anyone he might have wished to marry, Miss Carroll flushes, and says that she cannot understand why he keeps harping on that point. She tells him that there was no one Lord Edgware would have wished to marry.

Miss Carroll tells Inspector Japp that she had cashed a cheque for Lord Edgware, and had taken the money in French notes. She had given the money to him in a bank envelope. It was later discovered that the money had disappeared.

After Lord Edgware's death, Miss Carroll stays on, as Geraldine begs her to. She expresses the opinion that Geraldine needs someone, and if nothing else, beeds a buffer. Miss Carroll says that she makes a very efficient buffer. Hastings feels that she would have "a short way with reporters or news hunters".