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Miss Blake

Amanda Abbington as Miss Blake

In the novel Cat Among the Pigeons, Miss Blake is a junior mistress at the Meadowbank School for Girls. Just before the opening of the new term, she had spent her holiday in Florence with another junior mistress Miss Rowan. While there she had met a man named Giuseppe who was interested in her. He had been very impressed when he found out that she was a teacher at Meadowbank.

Miss Blake teaches Botany and Physics. She is described as being plump and fair.


In the 2008 ITV adaptaion of the novel Miss Blake is portrayed by actress Amanda Abbington. Here she teaches art, music and dance instead of botany and physics. In this adaptation, she has a larger role in the plot than in the novel. She has a dark secret from her stint at a previous school and this led to her being blackmailed by Grace Springer. When a voodoo doll of Miss Springer with needles impaled on it is found in a pupil's locker, Poirot deduced that this had been made by Miss Blake and she became a suspect.