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In the novel Nemesis, Miss Barrow is one of the fifteen passengers on the coach tour with Miss Marple, where she travels with Miss Cooke. She is described as being dark and thin.

Miss Marple feels that Miss Barrow and Miss Cooke are avoiding her, as they seem anxious to move away if she approaches them.

Miss Cooke and Miss Barrow tell Miss Marple that they take tours together every year, including an Hellenic cruise the year before, a tour of bulbs in Holland the year before, and a trip to Northern Ireland the year before that.

When Miss Marple asks Miss Cooke about meeting her in St Mary Mead shortly before the tour, she thinks that Miss Cooke had been about to disclaim her visit to St Mary Mead, and had looked at Miss Barrow as if seeking instruction on what to say, as if Miss Barrow is the senior partner.

After the memorial service for Elizabeth Temple, some members of the tour group decide to continue with the tour, while others choose to stay in Jocelyn St Mary or return to London. Miss Cooke and Miss Barrow change their minds at the last minute, and decide to stay in Jocelyn St Mary. They invite Miss Marple to visit St Martins in the Grove with them.

Miss Barrow and Miss Cooke later come to The Old Manor House, looking for Miss Marple. Clotilde Bradbury-Scott invites them to come after dinner and have coffee.

Miss Barrow and Miss Cooke have coffee with Miss Marple and the three sisters at The Old Manor House. They then take a "rather fussy departure" in which they come back several times to collect articles they had left behind.

Miss Barrow is later revealed to be sent on the tour by Mr Rafiel to aid and protect Miss Marple, working with Miss Cooke. Miss Marple explains that one of them gave her a warm and affectionate handshake, during which she passed a whistle into her hand. When they came back to The Old Manor House to retrieve the various articles they had left behind, they probably managed to leave a window unfastened. They then came back into the house while the inhabitants were going up to bed, and concealed themselves, coming out only when Miss Marple blew the whistle.


In the BBC 1987 adaptation of the novel, Miss Barrow is portrayed by Alison Skilbeck. Her role and that of her partner Miss Cooke is largely the same as in the original novel. See the article for Miss Cooke for details.

In the 2009 ITV adaptation, Miss Barrow is given the first name "Georgina" and is portrayed by Ruth Wilson. Here the character is a hybrid of the original Miss Barrow and Mrs Sandbourne in that she is the coach driver as well as tour guide of the "Daffodil Motor Coach Tours". She is obviously acting as an agent of Jason Rafiel. As events reach a climax, for example, she keeps the coach party members locked in the inn and plays a recording from Mr Rafiel in which he announces that they must all remain with the tour as they proceed to the next destination, St. Elspeth's Convent. However there is no indication that she is a private security agent or detective, although she is physically very fit. She does not appear to have been specifically assigned to protect Miss Marple. Her partner from the original novel Miss Cooke is not featured. Much more biographical backstory is given of Barrow than in the original or in other adaptations. Here she served in the Intelligence Corps during the Second World War and after that taught Latin and netball at a posh girl's school. This coach tour is her first assigment with the coach company.