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Ms. Ma, Nemesis (Korean: 미스 마, 복수의 여신; RR: Miseu Ma, Boksooui Yeoshin; lit. Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge) is a South Korean television series based on the works of Agatha Christie. The series, which is endorsed by Agatha Christie Limited comprises 32 episodes of about 30 minutes each and was first broadcast on 6 Oct 2018 on the South Korean network SBS TV.


The 32 episodes form a continuous story arc. Yunjin Kim plays the lead role as Miss Ma, a woman who has been framed for the murder of her daughter. In the first episode she escapes from prison and sets out to clear her name and find her daughter's killer. Along the way she solves crime after crime which leads her one step closer to the truth of her daughter's death. These crimes parallel the exploits of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.

List of episodes[]

When first broadcast, two episodes were grouped into an hour long combined edition, forming a total of 16 combined editions. Two combined editions (a total of 2 hours) were broadcast each day. The episodes/combined editions did not carry titles. The titles here come from the SBS website.[1]

Episode # Title Date 1st Broadcast
#1/#2 "I am the Woman" 6 Oct 2018
#3/#4 "Didn't You Miss Me?" 6 Oct 2018
#5/#6 "It's Murder" 13 Oct 2018
#7/#8 "Because I Saw that Humans are Hell" 13 Oct 2018
#9/#10 "A Curse Has Been Cast" 20 Oct 2018
#11/#12 "To Silence Witnesses" 20 Oct 2018
#13/#14 "I Don't Know How" 27 Oct 2018
#15/#16 "Who is Doing It?" 27 Oct 2018
#17/#18 "Have a Different Purpose" 03 Nov 2018
#19/#20 "You Know" 03 Nov 2018
#21/#22 "An Accomplice" 10 Nov 2018
#23/#24 "Why Did You Kill Your Daughter?" 10 Nov 2018
#25/#26 "I Was so Scared to Die" 17 Nov 2018
#27/#28 "It's Not Like You're Killing People" 17 Nov 2018
#29/#30 "Murdered" 24 Nov 2018
#31/#32 "A Very Cruel and Sensitive God" 24 Nov 2018