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In the novel Peril at End House, Captain Michael Seton was a renowned pilot, and was engaged to Maggie Buckley.

Before the events of the novel, Captain Seton began a round-the-world flight in his amphibian machine, the Albatross. However, contact with him was lost, and he was subsequently confirmed to be dead.

Captain Seton's engagement to Maggie Buckley was kept secret because of his eccentric uncle, Sir Matthew Seton, who loved birds but hated women. If he had known about the engagement, he would have disinherited Captain Seton.

Sir Matthew Seton passed away shortly before the events of the novel, leaving his fortune to Captain Seton. Upon Captain Seton's death, the fortune passed to his fiancee, Miss Buckley. This fortune turned out to be the motive for her murder.


Michael Seton is mentioned frequently in ITV's 1990 film adaptation of Peril at End House, but he is only seen in framed photo which Poirot and Hastings find in Nick's bedroom.

In the NHK anime adaptation The Mystery of End House, Michael Seton is seen on-screen in several flashback scenes although he has no speaking parts. At the beginning, there is a scene of him in his plane on his long flight, with a voiceover narration by Mabel West. In a flashback by Mr Whitfield, we see Seton writing an informal will on a piece of paper against the fuselage of his plane. Finally we also see a flashback where Nick visits Seton at the airport. She has brought Maggie along and Seton becomes interested in her.