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In the novel Cat Among the Pigeons, Meadowbank School for Girls is a prestigious English prep school. Founded by the principal Honoria Bulstrode and her friend Miss Chadwick, the school combined traditional methods with Miss Bulstrode's personal and unconventional methods. The school was enormously successful and attracted royalty and nobility but also others. Miss Bulstrode selected pupils not because of their family connections but because they showed "promise".

Because so much of the events in the book are set in Meadowbank, a large number of characters are from or connected with the school.

The exact location of the school is not stated but a nearby town is Hurst St Cyprian.


Non-teaching staff[]


Parents and relatives of pupils[]

Relatives, friends and acquaintances of school staff[]

  • René Dupont - friend of Angèle Blanche
  • Monica Lord - former employer of Ann Shapland
  • Andrew Peters - former employer of Ann Shapland
  • Mervyn Todhunter - former employer of Ann Shapland
  • Dennis Rathbone - boyfriend of Ann Shapland
  • Edith and her husband Dick - sister and brother in law of Miss Johnson
  • Oliver and Kate - friends or relatives of Miss Johnson
  • Gloria - friend of Miss Vansittart

Board of governors and other friends of the school[]