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Marlène Leroy is a recurring non-canonical character which appears in the French TV adaptation of Agatha Christie's novels. She is the secretary of commissary Swan Laurence, in 1950s Lille. She is sometimes replaced by Arlette Carmouille. Marlène is one of the only characters that appear in all episodes from beginning to end.

She has a pet fish, Bubulle.

She is portrayed by Élodie Frenck.

Marlène is not very good at typing reports, but she claims to make good coffee. In the episode Murder Party, she tries to improve her skills as a secretary by taking grammar and spelling lessons from Greenblat.

Marlène has a sister, Solange Vanilos, who owns a boarding house. For more information, visit this page.

Marlène is given a screen test for a commercial for Ramses Photocopiers in the episode L'affaire Protheroe. At the end of the episode, commissaire Laurence buys a Ramses photocopier, but Marlène is unable to operate it.