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In the novel Dead Man's Folly, Marilyn Tucker is the younger sister of Marlene Tucker.

After Poirot had spoken to Mrs Tucker about Marlene, Marilyn approaches Poirot outside the house to put him right. According to Marilyn, Marlene did not get a scarf from Sally Legge as Mrs Tucker thought. Marlene had bought it from Torquay with some money she had received. She also bought some lipstick, scent and foundation cream. All this Marlene had kept hidden in her drawer, away from her mother. After Marlene died, Marilyn took these items over and hid themin her own drawer.

As to who gave Marlene the money, Marilyn is at first reluctant to say. However Poirot tempts her with a five shilling note and she relents. According to Marilyn, Marlene used to snoop around and see "goings-on". Then she would promise not to tell and "they" would pay her to keep quiet. She does not say who "they" refers to.

Marilyn is described as a fat child of about eleven or twelve with small blue eyes and a piggy kind of prettiness. Poirot tells Marilyn that she presents as a fairly clever person, to which she replies that her teacher Miss Bird had told her that it is no use trying for grammar school. Poirot reassures her that grammar school is not everything. This last point accords with an age of eleven--the age of the eleven-plus examination and selection for grammar school.

In the 2013 adaptation she is named Gertie Tucker.