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In the short story The Kidnapped Prime Minister, Major Norman was the British army officer assigned to be Poirot's liaison when he was investigating the disappearance of the Prime Minister David MacAdam.

Although, like Hastings, he was impatient and bewildered by Poirot's methods, he did not speak much but did what he was supposed to do: facilitate whatever Poirot needed. Hence he held special passes which ensured that Poirot could get anywhere quickly and without hindrance. At the end of the story, he made arrangements at Hendon Aerodrome for an aircraft to fly Poirot (so he thought) to France.


Major Norman was played by Timothy Block in the film adaptation of The Kidnapped Prime Minister in Series 2 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. Here has an expanded role but not the same as one as that in the original novel. In the adaptation, he was not the military liaison for Poirot. Instead, as Japp told Poirot, Norman was responsible for the Prime Minister's security. Later when Poirot had determined that the Prime Minister was being held at Summerscote Hall in Berkshire, Norman led a force of soldiers to surround the place in a rescue operation.

Likewise in the NHK anime adaptation The Disappearance of the Prime Minister, Major Norman is not Poirot's liaison either. Here he is in command of the British troops who had gone to France to search for the Prime Minister. When, for example, it was believed that the kidnap gang had holed themselves up in a wooden cabin, he led his troops and prepared to storm it. Later, when the cabin was found to be empty, he took orders from Lord Estair and deployed his troops to cordon off and comb an area with a radius of 10 kilometers around the cabin. The voice actor behind the character of Major Norman in this adaptation is not credited.