In the novel Appointment with Death, Mahmoud is the dragoman who accompanies the travellers at Petra, including the Boynton family.

Mahmoud is descried as being of "ample proportions", and giving "anti-Zionist" lamentations.

Later in the novel, Abdul reports to Mahmoud that Mrs Boynton is ill and unable to move. Sarah King goes with him to investigate, and finds that Mrs Boynton is dead.

Mahmoud tells Poirot that he is always blamed when things go wrong during tourists' travels. He brings up Lady Ellen Hunt as an example.

Poirot asks Mahmoud about Mrs Boynton having a dispute with one of the servants. Mahmoud says that she did not complain to him, and he knows nothing about it. He says that none of the boys would admit to it, and that they are all stupid and understand nothing. He proudly tells Poirot that he himself had the benefit of Mission education.


In the 2008 ITV adaption of Appointment with Death, Mahmoud is portrayed by Zakaria Atifi. He is most likely the guide who takes the party to the archaeological dig as this person has the most number of lines.

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