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In the short story Yellow Iris, Luigi (nicknamed "Fat Luigi") is the manager of the "Jardin des Cygnes" restaurant in London. From the way he greeted Poirot, it would appear that he knows or knows of Poirot.

Interestingly, Christie would use the name Luigi three times, two of them being restauranteurs.


Luigi is played by Joseph Long in the film adaptation of Yellow Iris in Series 5 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. Luigi has a slightly expanded role in the adaptation. In the flashback to Buenos Aires, Luigi was the manager of a restaurant there, also named "Jardins des Cygnes". The murder of Iris Russell took place there. Years later, Luigi leaves Argentina after a change of government and settles in London where he opens another restaurant with the same name. He meets Poirot at the restaurant and tells him of an impending "disaster". On his opening night, Barton Russell has booked a table for six and wants it decorated with yellow irises, exactly as was done years ago in the other restaurant in Buenos Aires. In the adaptation, Luigi had the last name "de Monico".