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Lucky Len

Peter Kelly as Lucky Len

Lucky Len was a non-canonical character who was created for the film adaptation of The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan in Series 5 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. "Lucky Len" was part of a promotional gimmick organised by the "Daily Echo" newspaper. The paper published a silhouette of "Lucky Len" and readers were invited to identify the real person for a prize. Anyone who spotted Lucky Len in the street could approach him and challenge him. If the person is indeed Lucky Len, the person who spotted him would be awarded a prize of ten guineas (a princely sum).

Unfortunately for Poirot, the Daily Echo picked a Lucky Len who looked like Poirot. Throughout his stay at the seaside resort (either Brighton or Eastbourne), Poirot was continually being challenged as "Lucky Len". This irritated him so much that he decided to abandon all pretense at relaxing and take up the investigation of a stolen necklace--at least it would buy him some peace.

Towards the end of the episode, Poirot himself spotted who he thought was the real "Lucky Len". He was a man with some resemblance to Poirot and had the same style of moustache. Poirot went up to issue the challenge. The person admitted he was Lucky Len but Poirot was too late. Len had been fired that morning. Too many people had succeeded in spotting him. The newspaper thought his face was too common. Poirot is aghast. Too common? He tells Lucky Len to ignore the newspaper. Len, Poirot says, has the face of a great man.

Lucky Len was played by Peter Kelly. This character does not occur in the the original story.