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Love from a Stranger is the name of two live BBC Television plays directed by George More O'Ferrall. The plays are based on the 1936 stage play of the same name by Frank Vosper. In turn, the play was based on the short story Philomen Cottage, written by Agatha Christie.

The plays were only broadcast in the London area as this was the only part of the UK that could receive television transmissions at this time; recordings do not exist.

The 1947 version of the Vosper's play was transmitted on Sunday, 25 May 1947, just as the first, live from Alexandra Palace, at 8.45pm in a 75-minute broadcast. The stars of this version were Joy Harrington and Henry Oscar. The play was broadcast again two days later when the cast and crew repeated their Sunday performance at 3.00pm on Tuesday, 27 May. Three days later BBC Radio broadcast Three Blind Mice which was later turned into a short story and in 1952 opened as The Mousetrap, the longest-running play in stage history.

Director/Producer: George More O'Ferrall


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