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Love from a Stranger is the name of two live BBC Television plays directed by George More O'Ferrall. The plays are based on the 1936 stage play of the same name by Frank Vosper. In turn, the play was based on the short story Philomel Cottage, written by Agatha Christie.

The plays were only broadcast in the London area as this was the only part of the UK that could receive television transmissions at this time. None of these transmissions were recorded for future viewing as television recording equipment had not been invented.

The 1938 play was transmitted on Wednesday, November 23 1938 live from Alexandra Palace. It lasted for 90 minutes and was broadcast at 3.30pm. It starred Bernard Lee, now better known for his role in the James Bond film series. The script used was that of the stage play by Frank Vosper; the producer/director was George More O'Ferrall.


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