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In the short story The Dream, Louise Farley was the wife of Benedict Farley and the stepmother of his only daughter Joanna Farley. She was much younger than Benedict Farley, being only eight years older than Joanna. She was secretly having an affair with Farley's secretary Hugo Cornworthy and plotted with him to kill her husband. Farley's will left most of the estate to Joanna, but Louise would inherit 250 thousand pounds, a large enough sum to be a temptation.

During the denouement, when Poirot exposed how the murder of Benedict Farley had been done, Louise had turned hysterical and had attacked Poirot but was prevented by Dr John Stillingfleet.


Louise Farley was played by Mary Tamm in the film adaptation of The Dream in Series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series. Her first name was only used once in the original story and was not used in the adaptation.