Jane Birkin as Louise

Louise Bourget was the chambermaid of Linnet Doyle.

Biography Edit

Louise has worked well for Linnet, she joined the cruise on the Nile. After finding out Linnet had been shot dead, she is horrified and to her widower Simon she hopes to remain in service. While in the room with Simon, Poirot and Colonel Race Louise remarks how "if" she had been awake and "if" she had been on the deck she might have been able to help.

Death Edit

Soon after she gave that statement, she is found dead in her cabin holding onto a Bank Note, which suggests that she blackmailed the murderer who she did witness leave Linnet's cabin.

Solution Edit

She did witness Simon leave Linnet's cabin, so she receive hush money but upon Simon telling his lover Jacqueline, she took one of Dr. Bessner's scalpels and stabbed Louise placing her under her bed.


  • In the 1978 film version Louise Bourget is played by actress Jane Birkin. The character is an amalgamation of the characters Louise Bourget and Marie from the novel. The latter character is omitted from the film. In this version, she requests to resign to get married, but Linnet refuses to give her the promised final pay. Rather than stab her, Jackie cuts her throat and takes the money back only for one of the notes to rip. She is discovered after a crew member drops a towel into a pool of her blood.
  • In the 2004 ITV version Louise Bourget is played by actress Félicité Du Jeu. The character is closer to the book, however she is found dead in the wardrobe rather than the bed.
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