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In the novel Lord Edgware Dies, George Alfred St Vincent Marsh, 4th Baron Edgware AKA Lord Edgware was an English aristocrat and the husband of Jane Wilkinson, an American actress.

He was found murdered in the library of his home in Regent Gate, having been stabbed in the back of the neck.

He was a middle-aged man, of about fifty, with dark hair that had grey streaks. He was tall, and had a thin face. According to Hastings, he looked "bad-tempered and bitter", and his eyes had "a queer secretive look about them".

He was described by his wife as "a queer man", and stated himself that his taste was peculiar, and that he enjoyed the macabre.

Lord Edgware's first wife left him, leaving him with their daughter, Geraldine, who was three months old at the time. Three years before the events of the novel, he married Jane. She became frightened of him, and also left him.

Lord Edgware met with Poirot and Hastings at his house at Regent Gate. He said that he was willing to divorce his wife, and that he had written to her six months before, to tell her so.

Lord Edgware told Poirot that he did not divorce his first wife, because his conscience did not allow him to. He had also originally refused to divorce Jane, even though she had approached him through several lawyers. Finally, she had written to him herself, and he had changed his mind, and agreed to a divorce. However, he said that this was not because of anything written in Jane's letter. He told Poirot that he had "gradually perceived the advantages of severing" what he considered a degrading association.

As Poirot and Hastings were leaving, Hastings glanced back, and saw a different expression on Lord Edgware's face, which had been suave and smiling before. The "lips were drawn back from the teeth in a snarl", and "the eyes were alive with fury and an almost insane rage".

Poirot fancied that Lord Edgware was "very near the border line of madness", and imagined that he practised many "curious vices", and that he had "a deep-rooted instinct of cruelty".

Lord Edgware had a nephew, Captain Ronald Marsh. Captain Marsh had once lived at Regent Gate, but had quarrelled with his uncle. Lord Edgware had then forbidden him the house. On the day of the murder, Captain Marsh had come to him to ask for money, but Lord Edgware had refused.

According to Miss Carroll, Lord Edgware's secretary, he was not the sort of man who ought to have anything to do with raising children, and he had terrorized Geraldine. Miss Carroll said that he had enjoyed seeing anyone afraid of him, and that it seemed to give him "a morbid kind of pleasure".

Miss Carroll said that for a long time, Lord Edgware would forget all about Geraldine, and then would suddenly remember. She sometimes thought that his treatment of Geraldine was a way of getting revenge on her mother, his first wife.

Poirot was of the opinion that Lord Edgware was a man who would have done much better not to marry, and Miss Carroll shared this opinion.