Clement Edward Alistair Brent, 9th Marquis of Caterham, Lord Caterham is the father of Lady Eileen Brent, Daisy and Dulcie. He had a brother named Henry, who was married to Marcia.

In The Secret of Chimneys, he was described as a "small gentleman, shabbily dressed, and entirely unlike the popular conception of a marquis. He had faded blue eyes, a thin melancholy nose, and a vague but corteous manner".

He is also the owner of the splendid manor house of Chimneys and very annoyed when murders occur there. A quiet life is Lord Caterham's goal. In The Seven Dials Mystery, Lord Caterham went abroad in winter. Then he discovered to be very fond of playing golf. He is five years younger than George Lomax.

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