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Locked Doors (also Closed Doors - depending on how the Arabic is tranlated) is a 2016 Yemen television series based on an adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel Crooked House. In was directed by Amr Gamal with script by Marwan Mafraq. The series comprised 20 half hour episodes and was broadcast on the Al-Saeeda TV channel beginning from 6 June 2016.

The series covers a murder in the villa of a wealthy Yemeni family. The head of the family is poisoned so that all residents and all the other residents of the villa become suspects. The police order the doors of the villa to be closed until the investigation is complete. The residents of the villa, even though they are one family, have had deep differences which have been brewing for many years. The crime and being locked in the villa bring these differences to the surface.[1]

Episodes are available at the official Al-Saeeda youtube channel but there are no subtitles and hence details are difficult to come by.


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