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Little Paddocks is the home of Letitia Blacklock, in Chipping Cleghorn. She lives there with her childhood friend Dora Bunner and two young relatives, Patrick and Julia Simmons, are lodging there. Phillipa Haymes is also a lodger.

Mitzi works in the kitchen, and a Mrs Huggins comes from the village five mornings a week. There is also a gardener, who comes in on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Little Paddocks is seen as a sleepy Manor House, not grand but comfortable and Miss Blacklock is happy to stay there. The house is Georgian in style, there is a breakfast and dining room when Rudi Scherz was murdered Hannah had been polishing the sliver in a locked room. On the opposite side is a large Parlour where people come to meet up and where the first murder took place, it's also where Miss Blacklock has her desk. However what was not mentioned until later was that the room has a extra door it's then revealed that the room was once two and when the wall was removed they locked the door, however clearly the door had been unlocked and oiled many that the killer could have escaped and shot Scherz and tried to murder Blacklock.

There is also a Kitchen on the ground floor also a boiler room for the central heating that becomes a very important clue for the crimes. Outside is a smallholding which includes Ducks.

Upstairs are the bedrooms of Miss Blacklock, Bunner, Patrick and Julia and Phillipa. There might be a bedroom for Hannah on this floor as well because the attic space is storage, filled with the Albums and the Shepherdess Lamp which short circuited on the night Scherz died.

From what people in the village said there used to be many local events there like the Murder Mysteries nights with the only invitation being in the newspaper.


In the BBC 1985 adaptation of the novel which formed part of the Miss Marple series, West Compton House, West Compton House, West Compton, Dorchester DT2 0EY was used as the filming location. This house is at present a Bed and Breakfast. In actual fact it only offers three guest bedrooms, too small for all the occupants in Little Paddocks. Presumably the owners of the B and B have more rooms to themselves.

In the ITV 2005 adaptation of the novel, a small change that happens is that Mrs Swettenham steals a leg of lamb that she roasts for Colonel Easterbrook, she is nearly caught by Miss Blacklock came home early. Miss Blacklock had come home to oil the hinges of the second door in the drawing room, and Mrs Swettenham became an inadvertent witness to this, but due to her mind being elsewhere she didn't realise this until later on.

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