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The following is a list of episodes for the French television series Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie. Largely adaptations of Christie stories, the series launched in 2006 and is currently into its third season.

Pre Season 1 Mini-Series - 1930’s France, (broadcast 2006)

Commissionaire Larosière / Inspector Lampion
# Title Original airdate
01 Petits meurtres en famille (in 4 parts)

(adapted from Hercule Poirot's Christmas)

14 Nov 2006 - 5 Dec 2006

Season One - 1930’s France, (broadcast 2009 to 2012)

Commissionaire Larosière / Inspector Lampion
# Title Original airdate
1.01 Les Meurtres ABC

(adapted from The A.B.C. Murders)

9 Jan 2009
As a serial killer taunts Larosière, the great detective's career could be the next casualty
1.02 Am Stram Gram

(adapted from Ordeal by Innocence)

16 Jan 2009
After the death of a beloved philanthropist, suspicion falls on her brood of adopted children
1.03 La Plume empoisonnée

(adapted from The Moving Finger)

11 Sep 2009
Inspector Lampion gets badly wounded during a case and has to rest. Superintendent Larosière rents a room for him in a small village which looks the perfect place to recover, except someone is sending poison-pen letters.
1.04 La Maison du péril

(adapted from Peril at End House)

6 Nov 2009
Larosière is bored with his holiday at a beach resort but things change when he meets a beautiful young woman who narrowly escapes several attempts to kill her.
1.05 Le Chat et les Souris

(adapted from Cat Among the Pigeons)

8 Sep 2010
While investigating murders at a boarding school, Larosière is haunted by his past.
1.06 Je ne suis pas coupable

(adapted from Sad Cypress)

15 Sep 2010
When death stalks a women's retreat, a reluctant Lampion goes undercover.
1.07 Cinq petits cochons

(adapted from Five Little Pigs)

8 Apr 2011
Larosière and Lampion are faced with a fifteen years old cold case, and five suspects with contradictory testimonies.
1.08 Le Flux et le Reflux

(adapted from Taken at the Flood)

15 Apr 2011
Larosière runs into his former captain during the Great War, who invites him to his family castle. He surprises everyone when he announces his marriage to Albertine, a young woman he met in Africa.
1.09 Un cadavre sur l'oreiller

(adapted from The Body in the Library)

28 Oct 2011
With Larosière accused of strangling a prostitute, Lampion tries to clear his name.
1.10 Un meurtre en sommeil

(adapted from Sleeping Murder)

17 Feb 2012
Sacha escapes from a psychiatric hospital and hides in an isolated house. On the first evening, she has a terrible vision of a bloody woman. Is it related to a recently deceased woman in a house nearby?
1.11 Le Couteau sur la nuque

(adapted from Lord Edgware Dies)

14 Sep 2012
Larosière and Lampion investigate the murder of a woman, last seen entering a theatre. Meanwhile, the superintendent's daughter Juliette, storms into his life, and might be in danger

Season Two - mid 1950’s France (broadcast 2013 to 2019)

Commissioner Swan Laurence / Journalist Alice Avril / Secretary Marlène Leroy
# Title Original airdate
2.01 Jeux de glaces

(adapted from They do it with Mirrors)

29 Mar 2013
Commissaire Laurence arrives in Lille and starts off by investigating a series gruesome murders in a rehabilitation centre. He reluctantly joins forces with journalist Alice Avril who insists on helping out.
2.02 Meurtre au champagne

(adapted from Sparkling Cyanide)

5 Apr 2013
A famous movie star commits suicide during the shooting of her latest film. Alice replaces her on the set while Laurence investigates.
2.03 Témoin muet

(adapted from Dumb Witness)

22 Nov 2013
A rich woman and her maid are found murdered in an old castle. The only witnesses are a dog and ghosts which seem prone to reveal the truth. Fascinated by divination, the superintendent's mother fully intends to participate in her son's investigation.
2.04 Pourquoi pas Martin?

(adapted from Why Didn't They Ask Evans?)

27 Dec 2013
Avril comes to a dying man's rescue on a cliff. While she hears his last words, she notices a woman's portrait next to him. She seeks help at the village, but when she returns, the photo is missing.
2.05 Meurtre à la kermesse

(adapted from Hallowe'en Party)

26 Sep 2014
After a gunfight, Laurence is left blind. Meanwhile a child is found drowned in a bucket of water. Laurence decides to hide his condition to investigate with Avril, who becomes his eyes.
2.06 Cartes sur table

(adapted from Cards on the Table)

3 Oct 2014
Superintendent Laurence and Alice Avril are invited to a special dinner. The host, Massud Shaïtana, has also invited a number of suspects implicated in unsolved murders. During the evening Shaïtana is killed and everyone becomes a suspect, even commissaire Laurence.
2.07 Le crime ne paie pas

(inspired by Murder on the Links)

10 Oct 2014
Avril goes undercover in a cabaret where a waitress was killed, and the boss kidnapped. Laurence has to deal with an inspector from the "police of the police" who wants him removed from the investigation.
2.08 Pension Vanilos

(adapted from Hickory Dickory Dock)

28 Aug 2015
Marlène asks for Laurence's help. Her sister Solange runs a boarding house which has been hit by a spate of mysterious thefts. Laurence is too busy on a drug smuggling case so Alice goes in undercover as a lodger at the Pension Vanilos.
2.09 Un meurtre est-il facile?

(adapted from Murder is Easy)

4 Sep 2015
Avril receives a marriage proposal from Emile Deboucke, a rich spinning mill owner who is much older than her. Her engagement is not a bed of roses, and soon she has to deal with a series of murders.
2.10 Mademoiselle Mac Ginty est morte

(adapted from Mrs McGinty's Dead)

11 Sep 2015
Avril's ex-husband's runs away from the scene of a murder and seeks refuge in her apartment. She does not turn him into the police but Laurence is soon on their trail and arrests them both. They are scheduled to be transfered to Paris so Laurence is under time pressure to save Alice from the guillotine.
2.11 Murder Party

(adapted from A Murder is Announced)

18 Sep 2015
Marlène is puzzled by an ad in the paper for a "murder party". Laurence believes it's a joke, but at set time, a man interrupts the party violently and is shot dead.
2.12 L'Étrange Enlèvement du petit Bruno

(adapted from The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly)

26 Aug 2016
Police captain Swan Laurence has died on duty. Eight days earlier, he was called to protect the son of famous novelist Eloïse Zennefort.
2.13 Le Cheval pâle

(adapted from The Pale Horse)

2 Sep 2016
Commissioner Laurence investigates whether the death of Alice's young heiress friend is related to occult powers.
2.14 L'Affaire Protheroe

(adapted from The Murder at the Vicarage)

9 Sep 2016
A secretary is found hanging at the premises of the advertising agency run by Alexandre Protheroe. It appears to be suicide but Laurence suspects murder and begins to invesitgate Protheroe's unsavoury background. Meanwhile Alice goes in undercover as Protheroe's replacement secretary.
2.15 La Mystérieuse Affaire de Styles

(adapted from The Mysterious Affair at Styles)

16 Sep 2016
Laurence and Avril investigate a wealthy spa owner after a man drowns in her establishment.
2.16 Albert Major parlait trop

(adapted from A Caribbean Mystery)

23 Sep 2016
Avril investigates a murder in a hospital while she's admitted for her own injuries.
2.17 L'Homme au complet marron

(adapted from The Man in the Brown Suit)

1 Sep 2017
Commissaire Laurence goes undercover as a female secretary on a mission for the French Secret Service.
2.18 Le miroir se brisa

(adapted from The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side)

8 Sep 2017
A woman dies from poisoning at a film studio and it is possible that the killer got the wrong person and is after the celebrity filmstar Blanche Dulac. Laurence is hampered by frequent bouts of depression after the death of his girlfriend. It is up to Alice and Marlene to take a more active part in the investigation.
2.19 Crimes haute couture

(adapted from Third Girl)

15 Sep 2017
After a young fashionista accuses herself of murder, Inspector Laurence has to find the real killer.
2.20 Christmas Special : Le Crime de Noël (Christmas Crime) 22 Dec 2017
Two orphans witness the murder of a Santa Claus at an outdoor Christmas market; an original story, not adapted from the works of Agatha Christie.
2.21 Drame en trois actes

(adapted from Three Act Tragedy)

31 Aug 2018
Murder befalls Alice's acting class, which features a guest teacher who looks exactly like Inspector Laurence.
2.22 Meurtres en solde

(adapted from Hercule Poirot's Christmas)

7 Sep 2018
The bodies of a man and woman are found at a car crash. The woman cannot be identified but has Alice's address on a slip of paper in her pocket. Unfortunately Alice is struggling with amnesia after being attacked in a separate incident. (This adaptation has no Christmas theme.)
2.23 Mélodie mortelle

(adapted from The Sittaford Mystery)

28 Sep 2018
Marlene is president of the fan club of the popular yéyé singer Nicky. After a rehearsal, Nicky invites Marlene to join in a seance. Things get unreal when the session predicts the death of Mike, Nicky's guitarist and fiance and shortly thereafter Alice discovers the body.
2.24 Ding Dingue Dong

(adapted from Evil Under the Sun)

6 Sep 2019
Marlene suffers a bout of depression and Laurence checks her into a psychiatric clinic. But she soon becomes a witness in a murder. Things get more complicated when it is found that Laurence had been having an affair with the murdered woman. Laurence is arrested so Alice to joins the clinic undercover as a nurse to help investigate.
2.25 L'Heure zéro

(adapted from Towards Zero)

13 Sep 2019
Alice quits her job to join a TV channel hoping to work with France's first female news anchor but she soon becomes entangled in a series of murders at the station.
2.26 Rendez-vous avec la Mort

(adapted from Appointment with Death)

20 Sep 2019
Everybody hates Tricard's sister Clémence who has come back to France and moves into their late mother's hotel. Her maid is murdered, but Laurence believes Clémence is the intended target. Alice Avril joins the staff as Clémence's maid to investigate.
2.27 Un cadavre au petit déjeuner

(original musical-comedy episode, not adapted from an Agatha Christie book)

31 Oct 2019

Series 3 - 1970s - scheduled broadcast 2020 (WIP)

The third season of Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie was scheduled for 2020 but for 2019-nCov restrictions it will be partly delayed.

The casting was held on March 16, 2020 and featured three recurring characters so far: Annie Greco (portrayed by Émilie Gavois-Kahn), Max Beretta (characterized by Arthur Dupont), and Rose, portrayed by Chloe Chaudoye.

The confirmed episodes are two so far: one adapted from Endless Night, the other from The Hollow.