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The following is a list of episodes for the British crime drama Agatha Christie's Poirot. It first aired on 8 January 1989 and all episodes have aired on ITV (ITV1 from 2001-2013, STV and UTV).

Episodes run for either approximately 50 minutes, or approximately 100 minutes (the latter are marked "feature-length" in the table below). The shorter episodes are based on Christie's short stories featuring Poirot, many published in the 1920s. The TV adaptations were considerably embellished from the original stories' plots and were set in 1936 instead of the 1920s et al. as is shown by the inclusion of actual historical events such as Fred Perry's win at the French Open and the Jarrow March.

The longer episodes are based on Christie's novels. The chronology differs significantly from that of the novels and, as with the shorter episodes, all the stories whose book versions were set in other decades are moved to in or around the year 1936. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Christie's first Poirot novel) is taken outside the established series narrative, set back in 1917 (although the novel was set in 1916). It deals with the detective's first mystery in England. The Adventure of the Clapham Cook, How Does Your Garden Grow? and Death in the Clouds were all moved back to 1935. Appointment with Death and Sad Cypress are moved forward to 1937. Murder on the Orient Express and Elephants Can Remember move the narrative forward to 1938, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Curtain is also moved forward to 1949, after the end of the Second World War.


Another episode, "The Chocolate Box", in which Poirot recalls a case from his early career in the Belgian police force, also includes numerous flashbacks from the early 1900s with a younger-looking Poirot. "Five Little Pigs" has many flashbacks to the 1920s, but none of the detectives appear in them. The episode "Hickory Dickory Dock" has a flashback to 10 years earlier in 1926, where Japp appears, investigating a murder. "Yellow Iris" has flashbacks to 1934, in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Poirot appears on holiday. Hercule Poirot's Christmas has a flashback to 1896, which later has a bearing on the case.

Regular Cast

Actor Character Title/Rank Series Years
David Suchet Hercule Poirot Various 1-13 1989–2013
Hugh Fraser Arthur Hastings Captain OBE 1-8, 13 1989–2002, 2013
Philip Jackson James Japp Chief Inspector 1-8, 13 1989–2001, 2013
Pauline Moran Felicity Lemon Secretary 1-3, 5-8, 13 1989–1991, 1993–2001, 2013
Zoë Wanamaker Ariadne Oliver Crime novelist 10-13 2006–2013

Series 1 (1989)

Title UK airdate
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook 8 January 1989
Murder in the Mews 15 January 1989
The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly 22 January 1989
Four and Twenty Blackbirds 29 January 1989
The Third Floor Flat 5 February 1989
Triangle at Rhodes 12 February 1989
Problem at Sea 19 February 1989
The Incredible Theft 26 February 1989
The King of Clubs 12 March 1989
The Dream 19 March 1989

Series 2 (1990)

Title UK airdate
Peril at End House
7 January 1990
The Veiled Lady 14 January 1990
The Lost Mine 21 January 1990
The Cornish Mystery 28 January 1990
The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim 4 February 1990
Double Sin 11 February 1990
The Adventure of the Cheap Flat 18 February 1990
The Kidnapped Prime Minister 25 February 1990
The Adventure of 'The Western Star' 4 March 1990

Series 3 (1991)

Title UK airdate
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
16 September 1990
How Does Your Garden Grow? 6 January 1991
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery 13 January 1991
The Plymouth Express 20 January 1991
Wasps' Nest 27 January 1991
The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor 3 February 1991
The Double Clue 10 February 1991
The Mystery of the Spanish Chest 17 February 1991
The Theft of the Royal Ruby 24 February 1991
The Affair at the Victory Ball 3 March 1991
The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge 10 March 1991

Series 4 (1992)

Title UK airdate
The A.B.C. Murders
5 January 1992
Death in the Clouds
12 January 1992
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
19 January 1992

Series 5 (1993)

Title UK airdate
The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb 17 January 1993
The Underdog 24 January 1993
The Yellow Iris 31 January 1993
The Case of the Missing Will 7 February 1993
The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman 14 February 1993
The Chocolate Box 21 February 1993
Dead Man's Mirror 28 February 1993
The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan 7 March 1993

Series 6 (1995–96)

Title UK airdate
Hercule Poirot's Christmas
1 January 1995
Hickory Dickory Dock
12 February 1995
Murder on the Links
11 February 1996
Dumb Witness
16 March 1996

Series 7 (2000)

Title UK airdate
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
2 January 2000
Lord Edgware Dies
19 February 2000

Series 8 (2001–02)

Title UK airdate
Evil Under the Sun
20 April 2001
Murder in Mesopotamia
2 June 2002

Series 9 (2003–04)

Title UK airdate
Five Little Pigs
14 December 2003
Sad Cypress
26 December 2003
Death on the Nile
12 April 2004
The Hollow
26 April 2004

Series 10 (2006)

Title UK airdate
The Mystery of the Blue Train
1 January 2006
Cards on the Table
19 March 2006
After the Funeral
26 March 2006
Taken at the Flood
2 April 2006

Series 11 (2008–09)

Title UK airdate
Mrs McGinty's Dead
14 September 2008
Cat Among the Pigeons
21 September 2008
Third Girl
28 September 2008
Appointment with Death
25 December 2009

Series 12 (2010–11)

Title UK airdate
Three Act Tragedy
3 January 2010
Hallowe'en Party
27 October 2010
Murder on the Orient Express
25 December 2010
The Clocks
26 December 2011

Series 13 (2013–14)

Title UK airdate
Elephants Can Remember
9 June 2013
The Big Four
23 October 2013
Dead Man's Folly
30 October 2013
The Labours of Hercules
6 November 2013
13 November 2013

Stories not adapted

The play Black Coffee was not adapted into an episode. In 2012, Suchet performed a rehearsed reading of Black Coffee, produced and presented by The Agatha Christie Theatre Company, in aid of Chichester Festival Theatre's restoration fund.

The Lemesurier Inheritance was not adapted into an episode. the adaptation of The Labours of Hercules (2013) had a murder victim by the name of Lemesurier which is supposedly a nod to the story but the association is weak and limited only to the name. No plot element of the story appears in the film.

Poirot and the Regatta Mystery (1936) was not adapted into an episode. Christie rewrote the story and republished it in 1939 as The Regatta Mystery, featuring Parker Pyne as the detective. The Poirot version was not published again and largely forgotten until 2008.

Christie had also written a short story in 1939 entitled The Capture of Cerberus intended as the 12th story of her The Labours of Hercules collection but this story was rejected by the publishers. She subsequently rewrote the story, removing the political content, for inclusion in Labours. The original rejected story remained unpublished until 2009 and was never adapted for film.

Additionally, Agatha Christie had expanded a number of Hercule Poirot short stories into other stories or full length novels with a different title. Where the later story or novel had been adapted into film, the original short story was not adapted as the plot would have been too similar. These are:

Original Story Title Expanded Story Title Notes
The Market Basing Mystery (1923) Murder in the Mews Expanded story adapted as Episode 2 of Series 1.
The Submarine Plans (1923) The Incredible Theft (1937) Expanded story adapted as Episode 8 of Series 1.
Christmas Adventure (1923) The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, or The Theft of the Royal Ruby Expanded story adapted as Episode 9 of Series 3.
The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest (1932) The Mystery of the Spanish Chest Expanded story adapted as Episode 8 of Series 3.
The Second Gong (1932) Dead Man's Mirror' Expanded story adapted as Episode 7 of Series 5.
The Greenshore Folly (unpublished novella) Dead Man's Folly Expanded story adapted as Episode 3 of Series 13.
The Incident of the Dog's Ball (posthumous) Dumb Witness Expanded story adapted as Episode 4 of Series 6.