Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie (English Title: "The Little Murders of Agatha Christie") is a French television series that first broadcast on France 2 on 9 January 2009.

In the United States, the second series is titled “Agatha Christie's Criminal Games” and is shown on MHz Choice streaming and broadcast network.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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The series opened with a 4-episode mini-series set in 1930’s France "Petits Meurtres en Famille" (an adaptation of Hercule Poirot's Christmas) broadcast in 2006. These featured the two detectives who were to become the lead characters in season 1.

Season One takes place in 1930’s northern France with Superintendent Larosiere, who has a passion for beautiful women and solving cases, while hapless young Inspector Lampion just tries to keep up. There were 11 episodes broadcast between 2009 and 2012, all adaptations of various Christie stories.

Season Two is set in mid 1950’s through 1960’s mainly in Lille with Commissaire Swan Laurence, his secretary Marlène Leroy and newspaper reporter Alice Avril who insists on helping despite Laurence's preference to work alone. There were 27 episodes broadcast between 2015 and 2019 of which 25 were adaptations of Christie's stories.

A third season is targeted for release in 2020 and will feature a new set of detectives in a 1970s setting.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Casting Character Numbers of episodes Year
Antoine Duléry Jean Larosière 11 2009-2012
Marius Colucci Émile Lampion 11 2009-2012
Blandine Bellavoir Alice Avril 25 2013–present
Samuel Labarthe Swan Laurence 24 2013–present
Élodie Frenck Marlène Leroy 24 2013–present
Dominique Thomas Ernest Tricard 24 2013–present
Christophe Piret Robert Jourdeuil 8 2013–present
Serge Dubois Ménard 8 2009-2012
Olivier Carré Dr Verdure 5 2010-2012
Flore Bonaventura / Alice Isaaz Juliette Larosière 2 2010/2012
Anne Benoît Madame Daste / Annick Devassene 2 2009/2015
Hélène Vincent Kristin 1 2009
Pascal Elso Léopold Vallabrègues 1 2009
Corinne Masiero Angélique 1 2009
Denis Lavant André Custe 1 2009
Frédéric Pierrot Jean Villiers 1 2009
Robinson Stévenin Jean 1 2009
Françoise Bertin Emilie Dubreuil 1 2009
Lannick Gautry Mathieu Vidal 1 2010
Isabelle Candelier Christine Boisseau 1 2010
Guilaine Londez Mademoiselle Thuleau 1 2010
Mata Gabin Esméralda 1 2011
Jean-Marie Winling Pierre Fougères 1 2012
Patrick Descamps Chesnais 1 2012
Françoise Fabian Alexina Laurence 1 2013
Claude Perron Claude Kerrigan 1 2013
Charlie Dupont Roland Delavallée 1 2013
Isabelle de Hertogh Bella Siatidis 1 2013
Dominique Pinon Hubert Petitpont 1 2014
Natacha Lindinger Euphrasie Maillol 4 2014
Nicolas Vaude Stanislas 1 2014
Alban Lenoir Paul Coupet 1 2014
Philippe Nahon Emile Deboucke 1 2015
Serge Riaboukine Léopold Santini 1 2015
Cyril Guei Dr Timothée Glissant 14 2016
Sophie Cattani Eve Constantin 1 2016
Philippe Rebbot Dr. Locart 1 2018

Main characters[edit | edit source]

Season one (1930s)

Jean Larosière - main character, investigator. Assisted by Èmile Lampion.

Èmile Lampion - Assistant of Larosière, somewhat reminiscent of Hastings

Dr Verdure -

Ménard -

Juliette Larosière - Larosière's daughter

Season 2 (1950s)[edit | edit source]

Swan Laurence - Chief Inspector of the Commissariat de Lille

Alice Avril - reporter of La Voix du Nord

Marlène Leroy - Laurence's not efficient secretary

Ernest Tricard - Laurence's superior, a Chief Superintendent

Robert Jourdeuil - chief editor of the Voix du Nord

Tim Glissant - third police surgeon of the Commissariat de Lille

Euphrasie Maillol - first known pathologist of the Commissariat

Arlette Carmouille - police constable, former secretary

Flic Martin - police constable

Flic Pagès - police constable

Season 3 (1970s) (scheduled, characters not official)[edit | edit source]

Annie Greco

Max Beretta


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