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In the short story The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest, Lady Alice Chatterton is a friend of Marguerita Clayton. After Marguerita's husband Edward Clayton is found murdered, Lady Chatterton asks Poirot to help. Marguerita does not believe that Major Jack Rich could have committed the crime and wants Poirot to clear him.

In the expanded version of the story The Mystery of the Spanish Chest. Lady Chatterton is given a different first name and becomes Lady Abbie Chatterton. Her role is similar to that in the shorter version. In addition, Marguerita (here renamed to Margharita) seeks refuge in Lady Chatterton's house after the murder to avoid journalists.


Lady Chatterton was played by Antonia Pemberton in the film adaptation of the story in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. Her first name is Caroline. Her role is slightly different. She first meets Poirot at a performance of Rigoletto. She tells Poirot that she is worried that Edward Clayton is planning to kill his wife Marguerita (here renamed to Marguerite). She takes Poirot to the party at the house of Major Rich to meet Edward Clayton but he does not turn up. The next day, Edward is found dead inside the Spanish chest in the room where the party was. Poirot ends up being interviewed by Japp as a witness in the crime.