John Christow

In the novel The Hollow, Dr John Christow is a Harley Street doctor and the husband of Gerda. He is very self-confident, attractive, and has great charisma. He is passionate about his work and dedicates himself to finding a cure for "Ridgeway's disease" - the aetiology of which bears a marked resemblance to multiple sclerosis.

John's parents had lived in India and he had spent his school holidays with either his aunt or his uncle. Fifteen years ago he was engaged to Veronica Cray, who had dreams of going to Hollowood and demanded him to leave everything for her career. Since he didn't want to leave his medical career, he ended the engagement. John married Gerda instead and they had two children: Terence and Zena.

For the last six months John had an affair with Henrietta Savernake.

John was murdered during a weekend stay at The Hollow.

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