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In the novel Nemesis, Jocelyn St. Mary is an English village that was on the itinerary of Tour 37 of Famous Houses and Gardens. A large part of the action in the later part of the novel takes place here and many of the main characters come from this village and the surrounding region.

Locations in and around Jocelyn St Mary

  • The Old Manor House - home of the Bradbury-Scott sisters
  • The Golden Boar - where Miss Marple and the coach party stayed for a few days
  • The Curfew Arms - former inn of old fashioned Georgian design, used for the inquest of Elizabeth Temple.
  • The wool shop of Mrs Merrypit
  • Postoffice/General store
  • Grey Wethers
  • Moorland Church - built in Elizabethan times
  • The Bonaventure memorial
  • Carristown Hospital
  • Fallowfiend School - 16 miles from the village


Old Manor House

The Broads

The Princes

  • Chapter 10 lists a number of Princes buried in the village churchyard. This family used to own much land in the area.


Carristown Hospital


In the Miss Marple television adaptation the village is renamed Abbey Ducis.